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Acopa 10″ Glossy Black Square Stoneware Plate – 12/Case

Serve your signature menu items in style with this Acopa 10″ glossy black square stoneware plate. Perfect for serving sides,

Acopa 11 oz. Customizable All-Purpose Wine Glass – 12/Case

This elegant 11 oz. customizable all-purpose wine glass allows room for swirling while remaining relatively narrow at the top, making

Acopa 22 oz. Tall Beer Mug – 12/Case

Made of crystal clear glass, this mug is ideal for serving up a variety of beers on your menu! Though

Acopa 6 oz. Glass Carafe – 12/Case

Whether it’s wine by the glass at your restaurant or juice at a breakfast buffet, this carafe is the perfect

Acopa 8 oz. Glossy Black Square Stoneware Bowl – 36/Case

Perfect for serving side salads, soups, or even breakfast cereals, this casual stoneware bowl will help enhance your food presentation.

Acopa 8.5 oz. Coupe Cocktail Glass – 12/Case

Boasting an extra-wide bowl and crystal-clear clarity, this Acopa 8.5 oz. coupe cocktail glass will elegantly display your finest cocktails.